Marble is famous as its abundant colors and amazing texture direction, so it gets more and more popular for the house and hotel decoration, such as wall and floor installation.

However, the marble floor may get old and worn due to the weather, moisture, the visitor’s flow rate, etc, at this time, floor polishing and maintenance precaution become most and most important for the marble floor in the renewing construction.

How to Polish The Marble Floor-Jsmarble

1.Repairing the stone joints
This way is the important precaution to prevent the stone from water penetration.
At first, use the cutting machine to open the joints. During the pointing joints, we must clean the dust and dirt in the joints, and you can use the vacuum cleaner to collect the dust and dirt. For the joints padding, we must select the glue which is sticky, water-proof and suitable for grinding and polishing. Then the repairing work starts. We use the handle scrapper to mix the glue and stone harder agent(The ratio of glue and harder agent is 20:1). There is no need much harder agent, especially in summer. During the glue mixing, we need to mix it evenly, if the glue is not evenly enough, the glue will not dry in some parts, in the following grinding and polishing, the glue may come off.

2. Grinding and Polishing
The stone floor grinding and polishing starts after the joints repairing. We use the resin diamond pads 50# 150# 300# 500# 1000# 2000# 3000#. For each grit, it is better to do repeatedly for 6 times; if the floor condition is not so good, it is better to do for 8 times. For some special cases, if after the 100 grit pads, the stone floor is still not very bright, we can come back to 50 grit to polish again, and the floor effect may become better and more bright.

3.Crystallization (Using the polishing powder and polishing mat)
Before the crystallization, the stone floor surface must keep dry, and then we do the crystallization. At first, the ratio of polishing powder and water is 1:2 or 1:3, then pour the mixed chemical on the surface and use the polishing mat to do the polishing. Usually, polish 6-8 times can finish the crystallization(the machines walking speed must be slow). If after the crystallization, the stone floor can’t reach to more than 90 degrees, we can do the crystallization with the same process again. Finally, using another polishing mat and water to clean the stone floor surface.

Polishing is a quite important way to save your construction, if not this way when your marble floor gets old and worn, you have to remove all floor marble tile and install all new marble on it. 

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