For the kitchen, there are lots of choices you have made, from the cookers to the decorations, there is one essential part most people cares, that is the countertops, which will influences your kitchen in a traditional or modern style to the greatest extent. Following are the top 3 popular countertops materials for you to select for your stylish and comfortable kitchen space.
Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are manufactured from natural mineral and modern technology, quartz countertops composed of natural quartz and man made polymers to get a high durability and sparkling beauty for your kitchen. Quartz stone as one engineered man made stone can be produced in various colors and patterns to create any popular and modern look for decoration, even available to offer a look similar to granite stone and marble stone. As quartz countertops are non-porous, the surface do not require sealing, being well resistant to heat, chemical, scratch and liquids. In conclusion, no doubt that quartz countertops would be your ideal options.
Marble Countertops
With veining and bold characteristic, marble countertops are classic for you to get a modern kitchen look. Marble stone is common used with white color and grey color, while there are still other nice colors for options, you know black, brown, beige, pink, red and so on. However, as marble stone is porous, the countertops will absorb the spills, scratch and etch. While do not worry so much, with proper maintenance by cleaners, marble countertops can keep beautiful looking.
Granite Countertops
As one natural stone, granite slabs are unique, distinctive and durable for beautiful traditional kitchen. Normally, granite countertops comes in colorful shades. While granite stone maybe more porous than some natural stones, so maintenance is needed, and the surface must be sealed in a regular time to keep it in good condition.

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