October 21, 2019

J&S Marble, meets all your needs for marble

Nature is colorful, and marble is part of the nature, so nature endows it with splendid beauty. Each color of marble gives people a different visual experience.   J&S Marble, established in 1994, is specialized in marble processing and has two marble factories currently selling various marbles in rich color. Today, we are going to introduce some of hot sale marbles now. The white marble represents purity, giving people a feeling of elegance and luxury people. J&S Marble mainly has high quality Italian white marble like Calacatta White Marble(More details you can click here), Lincoln White Marble(More details you can click here), Statuario White Marble(More details you can click here), Calacatta Gold Marble and Carrara white marble. At present, the stock of […]
October 16, 2019

The most elegant and luxury marble—Calacatta white marble

There is a high-end marble that we never get tired of it. It is called Calacatta. There is an outstanding  processing advantage that leading to great sales performance.It is called J&S Marble processing technology. When the Calacatta which is full of Italian style meets the high standard J&S technology, we can luckily see the finest and most beautiful white marble. Calacatta White Marble, original from Italy, is one of the most luxury white marble all over the world.The background color of the Calacatta is supremely pure white, and the surface is randomly distributed with some flexible grey lines. Its natural high fashion color and texture is most suitable for creating a modern fashion space, which exactly caters to the minimalism modern decoration […]
September 29, 2019

When the natural marble meets the art beauty

As we all know, marble comes from nature, so all its veins and color are endowed by nature. Therefore, marble is closer and more real to what it was in the natural environment than in our daily life. J&S MARBLE always expects to try something new to ignite the traditional way of showing marble. And in recent years, J&S Marble keeps looking for such a suitable artistic environment, which is not as rigid as our daily life. It must be creative, catering to the modern aesthetic taste but not vulgar, so that can completely show the natural beauty of the marble. After years of brewing, J&S Marble finally decided to cooperate with modern art on its first try.  The main idea is […]