December 25, 2019

Influence Factors of Processing Natural Stone

For the modern house decoration, the finishing natural stone becomes the new favorite. People tend to use the natural stone as one of the main decorative material. However, in reality, some factors will come out when processing the natural stone into cut-to-size tiles. The main factors will influence the natural stone processing property are hardness, mineral composition, chemical composition and the stone structure construction. 1) The hardness. Under normal circumstances, harder the natural stone is, more difficult to process, more wearing extent for the processing tools. Because with the hardness increases, the wear-resistance and corrosion-resistance ability will increase, so as the cutting resistance. 2) Mineral composition and chemical composition. The natural stone includes mineral composition and chemical composition, different mineral composition and chemical composition will have […]
December 24, 2019

How to Clean Dirty Marble

Speaking of the natural marble cleaning, it might be a quite difficult project. If spending a plenty of money and time to install the marble floor tile, wall tile, countertop, vanity top and other decorative structure products, you have to do some special maintenance to keep the beautiful appearance of the marble. How to keep the brightness and glossiness for the marble is a matter of considerable interest. You may find there are some stubborn stains and spots on the marble countertops, which are quite hard to remove and clean. The reason lies in the natural porosity feature for the marble, so it is easy to absorb the liquid objects. For example, if you use the acid to clean the marble, you may find […]
December 23, 2019

How to Install Stone Background Wall

There are many ways and materials of the background wall decoration, among which the stone background wall is a kind of way that has been popular recently. So how to install the stone background wall? The following is some tips for you. Preparation and method of installation of stone background wall: 1. The background wall is mounted on a flat concrete wall or carpentry base. 2. Plate and line stone AB glue (two kinds of glue mixed) paste. Roman column for stone dry pendant 90 degrees angle code, pick code, expansion screw) and AB glue installation. Roman column woodworking bottom can be directly glued with AB glue. Top line needs dry pendant and AB glue installation. 3. After reading the accompanying plane […]