February 16, 2020

Seamless Processing of Stone

Stone grinding as a whole, the use of mechanical tools, the cleats between the stone clean up, and then fill with plastic repair filling, the overall effect of the formation of stone, to avoid the gap pollution and improve the quality of decoration, such a process, known as the Stone Seamless Processing. Stone seamless processing, divided into wall treatment and ground handling.What problems can be solved by seamless processing?  1) Prevent gap pollution. If the stone does not do seamless processing, in daily use, the gap between the plates become a place where dirt and dirt, a lot of dust, soil retention. On the other hand, the daily cleaning of water, will stay in the cracks, resulting in stone pollution, disease and […]
January 17, 2020

White Calacatta Surface: Take it For Your Elegant Home

What is your favorite countertops materials? And what countertops materials you are using in your kitchen? While countertops for kitchen and bathroom design and remodel must be beautiful, and have great quality and durability for a long service life. As there are so many kinds of material for options, including quartz stone, marble stone and granite stone, there is one surface that can fit your home style and taste. Following the white calacatta surface as one popular material can add high inspiration and elegance to your home space from Benyee Quartz. Featured: White Calacatta Surface Classic and timeless, white calacatta surface can create a sophisticated feel and enhance your home space. Marble surface as one great surface is widely used for countertops, vanity top, benchtop, […]
January 9, 2020

Top 3 Popular Material for Countertops Choices

For the kitchen, there are lots of choices you have made, from the cookers to the decorations, there is one essential part most people cares, that is the countertops, which will influences your kitchen in a traditional or modern style to the greatest extent. Following are the top 3 popular countertops materials for you to select for your stylish and comfortable kitchen space. Quartz Countertops Quartz countertops are manufactured from natural mineral and modern technology, quartz countertops composed of natural quartz and man made polymers to get a high durability and sparkling beauty for your kitchen. Quartz stone as one engineered man made stone can be produced in various colors and patterns to create any popular and modern look for decoration, even […]